Maria Emília Fonseca


I was born in Mozambique, graduated in Arts at the University of Natal (Durban – South Africa), I have a degree in English Studies from the Faculty of Letters, University of Porto, and a Masters degree in Cultural Studies from the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, where I have also been a Lecturer of English Language and Culture Studies.  I am presently a Researcher at the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES).

I have taught Culture Studies and English at several institutions and have published, nationally and internationally, articles within the fields of Multicultural Studies, Culture Studies and Visual Culture. I have participated in a number of International Conferences and Congresses.

My thesis, Touching Art: the Poetics and thePolitics of Exhibiting the ‘Tree of Life’, has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing (March 2011), with a second paperback edition released in 2012.

The objective of my blog is to deal with art that touches the heart, while at the same time trying to open up a lively discussion on how far should audiences be allowed to actually touch art pieces and interact with them in a more intimate way.

I will try to show works that are innovative and emotionally engaging, either as a result of what they mean and depict, or because they have been produced within the scope of humanitarian projects with a social purpose.

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  1. Estou siderado! Para uma pobre criatura como eu, ver tanta beleza, post após post, até é estonteante. Não me importava de dar a essas armas também um destino artístico. Seriam muito mais bem utilizadas. E tudo o que resulta de artistas que reciclam materiais tem uma aura qualquer diferente (não é uma questão de qualidade, é um sentido). Óptimo prazer/trabalho.